What trending about organic baby?

The Google Trends show that the most searched term is Organic baby instead of other related baby terms like baby checklist, baby shower gift and baby accessories.

What does “Organic baby” mean?

Google Trends shows that the most popular search terms of Organic baby is about Baby clothes. It’s no secret that clothing manufacturing accounts for the majority of industrial waste and baby clothing manufacturing is no exception. This is only one of the reasons that parents opt for more environmentally friendly manufactured baby clothes and accessories for child care.

But what is THE most interesting fact about organic baby clothes?

According to Google Trends, the biggest search from all over the world comes exactly from Australia and New Zealand. Over the last year interest about Organic baby clothes has grown two times.


What makes Australians and New Zealanders search for Organic baby accessories? I don’t know :)

Over the last half-year, we have seen activity from lots of individuals in Australia and New Zealand who regularly buy Organic baby products online.


About Natural Cuddles.

We are a small and fast growing company from Northern Europe that sews and manufactures zero waste Organic baby shower gifts & accessories.

The idea!

The idea came, when the second child was born, and we wanted to provide for children high quality care that was in balance with nature and minimised the overall pollution. As a result, unique and practical products were made that we started to offer to other moms around the world. Each product has a well-designed design with practical applications. In the production process we use zero waste principles.